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I would like to complement the service and professional manner in which Brian (or maybe Bryan) evaluated, explained my a/c unit issues, and demonstrated the unit to me last Monday , September 24th. He was immediately able to fix the emergent issue and then lay out a plan of how the unit should be modified and maintained. It was also apparent to me that the issues discovered by my home inspection were not properly addressed even though they were paid for by the sellers. I was referred to you by a colleague at work, Ms. Debi G. I also work with another client of yours, Mr. Dwight C. I am new to the area. I appreciate knowing that your honest and reputable service are here to assist as I transition to the area. Thank you, Irv K.


Albert K

I wish to review the service I have received at my home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl during April of 2013. An apparent leak started to show in the ceiling. After being checked and cleared by a roofer I was told to seek an AC consultation. Mr. Lowen quickly came to assess my problem and said it was not the ac. I went back to the roofer and then back to Mr. Lowen. He came back to my home and crawled all the way across my home in a very small attic space and found the source of the growing stain in the ceiling – a leaking copper water pipe that was feeding the ice maker. It had saturated the surrounding insulation and caused quite a mess. Mr. Lowen has a wealth of contacts and was able to get a drywall-er to come cut the ceiling out and enable the repair. The same gentleman put a skin back up after the repair. This was all done so professionally and quickly, keeping my home clean and with me trusting and surrendering keys. The entire experience was overwhelming for me and Mr. Lowen made it doable. He also services my AC and has recently replaced my thermostat when I lost AC (very quickly) so I was not without. I am 100% satisfied with the service I have received and feel indebted for Mr. Lowen caring enough to take the effort to crawl out in my attic and figure out what was really wrong. If any friend or family member has AC needs I will refer them immediately to Lowen AC. Sincerely Your, Mary Ellen C.


Mary C